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Our target is to have awesome time in a boat tour, combined with the rigth safety at the sea.

I’m Miquel, a local who has experience of almost 30 years sailing. I was also a team-building coordinator achieving super fun sailing events, especiallity at sea.

We consider that it only makes sense if we are respectful of the environment, so we use the sails as much as possible and the engine only the essential. It also focuses its efforts on caring for the environment and reducing its environmental footprint. Therefore, in our environmental strategy we have established important commitments in matters such as water, paints, climate and suppliers.

Growing up in the Mediterranean and being an essential part of our life, has allowed us to be embedded in our DNA. After many years of sailing and sharing fantastic moments at sea with people from all over the world, we have accumulated a valuable know-how to create and share sailing experiences at sea where the passenger is the protagonist.
Although all departures have similar formats, there is no excursion like the other, we can capture the feeling and how our passengers will enjoy more of their time on board, and we do our best to make their sailing experience with Barcelona boat trip is unique and unrepeatable.
We’re from Barcelona. Born and raised on this privileged coast, we are proud to share the best sites and our knowledge with the visitors who honor us with their visit.
We know very well the Catalan, Balearic and Mediterranean coasts to offer you the best nautical experiences, so you can sail in Barcelona, or in the Mediterranean. We are professionals, our employers apart a high level of experience, also have professional accreditation at the highest level for these activities.
We value our customers and try to simplify all processes so that Sail and have fun is as simple as contacting us.

It defines the objective of Boat Trip Barcelona in the long term as a company, and is the criterion of weight of its actions and the decisions it takes to Achieve three fundamental objectives:

  • Sail in Barcelona and discover the beautiful Mediterranean sea.
  • Inspire moments of unforgettable optimism and happiness.
  • Create fun and make a difference.
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For sea lovers we offer daily sailing trips from Barcelona. Choose your experience and enjoy sailing on a sailboat or sports boat, including skypper, aperitif and drinks. Sign up as a group or individually. If you come alone, do not worry, we will introduce you to other people who share your same passion with whom you can enjoy the sea and the good weather.

Enjoying the sea is an incomparable pleasure, in this aspect we are experts. Sailing Barcelona with a sailboat, and enjoying the multiple options that we can enjoy on our privileged coast, is an experience that you have to feel at least once in your life.

The city where Gaudí created much of the much admired architecture such as the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, or Park Güell among others, offers us the inalienable possibility of seeing all the beauty of the city summarized from an exclusive setting such as the Mediterranean Sea, the magnificent blue that will welcome us, both for a relaxing excursion with a sailboat, tasting some typical snacks of Catalonia, accompanied by a wine, or the appropriate soft drinks, radically changing to an excursion with a powerful exclusive  motor boat, unique in Barcelona, ​​where the adrenaline will run through our veins, feeling the wind and the saltwater splashes in the contrast of blue of the sea and the sky bathed by the sun.

If the time spent on board is good and enough then it’s doubly good.
You will enjoy staying with this incredible feeling of happiness, giving rise to you want to repeat any other time, and significantly increasing the hobby to sail and enjoy the nautical experiences.
You can book your own private boat or book your shared sailboat ride and meet interesting people from all over the world. You don’t need to have sailing experience to join these rides.
We are open 365 days a year and work from the Olympic Port, in the heart of the city of Barcelona.
Please contact us if you do not find what you are looking for, as we offer a variety of nautical experiences and other water activities.

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Do you have a few days of vacation and you want to live a different adventure? Embark with us! We organize crossings of several days. If you want to live the experience of crossing the Mediterranean from Barcelona to the Balearic Islands, this is your chance. We will visit the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera on sailboat. In addition, we make short trips to the Costa Brava. Sign up for an unforgettable holiday on the high seas.

Few experiences are recorded in the memory, as vividly as spending a week of sailing through the multiple paradises that envelop Barcelona with the mantle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Costa Brava. Amazing destination!!
Starting your nautical holiday on the Costa Brava departing from Barcelona. Just passed Blanes we have Cala Forcanera and further north we have Cala Bona, and then Cala Sant Francesch to warm up. If you opt for the Costa Brava, do not miss the beach of Lloret de mar, very close to the village, it is extensive and ideal to visit with family. In the area you will also find the charming and wild Cala Sa Boadella. The Cala Morisca, difficult to reach by land, is perfect for visiting by boat with an expert captain. It is characterized by being solitary, with crystal clear waters and hiding legends of pirates among its rocks. It is located a short distance from Cala Canyelles.
Unmissable, but crowded, the Callella de Palafrugell awaits 4 miles from Palamós. It has a group of beautiful anchors, and with a good coat. Very close to the port of Llafranc is the beach of Illa Roja, small and bathed by emerald waters that will make you hallucinate. When navigating the Costa Brava, we suggest avoiding sailing through the Formigues Islands, also known as the Ants, because they are low, arid and you have to give them a wide guard.

Menorca the hidden paradise. A splendid place to sail to the most valued unspoiled coves of the south coast: Cala Mitjana, Trebalúger or Cala Escorxada. While others walk along the coast to access them… you and yours can enjoy a quiet sailing trip on the way to these coves, as long as the wind accompanies. On the trip we go to some places where we can swim and enjoy the rich and crystal clear seabed snorkeling. The waters of Menorca are incredible and its white sandy bottoms would envy many Caribbean islands, the Mediterranean feeling is accentuated every minute we breathe this light air and the blues invades our senses. Menorca is a fantastic island to spend a week on board, sailing the wind to other coves in the south, while the crew enjoys an aperitif with typical Menorca products. At the anchor, you can enjoy a sun bath or in our crystal clear waters, while the cook prepares a large “rice boat” to round off the day. A week in which you can then rest, tan, dive, chat… and enjoy our fridge with all kinds of drinks to cool off. It is essential to visit the Calas de Turqueta, Macarella and Macaralleta. A very frequented and photographed coves of Menorca, which you can enjoy in a privileged way from our boat.

Some facts about Mallorca.
Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, belonging to Spain, about 120 miles east of its nearest coast. Its climate is pleasant, with mild temperatures. In winter it is common to receive temporary, being the best time to sail the months of April to October. The prevailing wind on the island is the Tramontana, and it comes from the north. In addition, from April to October almost daily, during the central hours of the day, a local thermal wind blows, which Mallorquin sailors call “embat”, which will delight the sailors. Mallorca International Airport is located just 15 minutes from the center of Palma, and receives flights from many countries. It can also be accessed by ferry from Valencia or Barcelona.
Cabrera National Park is an experience on our boat trip that we cannot miss. They say that the island has the most transparent waters of the entire Mediterranean, so put on your snorkel equipment, it’s time to have a good time discovering the rich marine fauna.
It’s always a good time to take a shore excursion. The island offers numerous hiking trails to enjoy its unspoiled Mediterranean forests. This archipelago formed by 19 islands, is one of the most beautiful natural parks in Spain. Cabrera is a place where peace reigns, where you can connect with the nature around you and recharge with good energies. The gastronomy, its people and the incredible variety of unique landscapes make this island another inescapable temptation.

Ibiza and Formentera
Another amazing destination to enjoy even once in a lifetime.
Cala Compta, Cala d’or, Cala badella, Cala Jondal, S’es Salines, Benirrás, Tagomago is a non-stop of coves where you can bathe, take a paella, or just enjoy the beach bar with the fresh Shandy.
Treat yourself to a dream holiday sailing the coast of pitiusas by boat. Take note of the wonderful places you will find in Ibiza. Start on the west coast where Cala Bassa and Cala Conta are located, here it is essential to watch the sunset from your boat, a beautiful gift of nature. Continue to Cala Tarida, Cala Vedella and Cala d’Hort, surrounded by pine forests and perfect for anchoring in its transparent waters. Feel the power of its magic contemplating Es Vedrá from your ship, a fascinating image of the magic rock that will conquer your heart. To the south are the picturesque Cala Porroig and Sa Caleta, surrounded by cliffs and stunning nature and if you fancy a little low-to-land bustle in Cala Jondal. Follow your route to Ses Salines, Punta Galera and Cala Salada, famous for the turquoise color of its waters.

Touching Ibiza, beside we meet Formentera as a counterpoint to the self-effervescence created with the name of Ibiza, to move to the still, beautiful and incredible Formentera, where the locals live with the immense colony of Italians based on the same island.
The island of Formentera has managed to preserve the hippie essence of the 60s. It is still reminiscent of those years that are able to attract tourism: one of the places of interest that we can visit are the markets. It is noticeable in the quiet air of the people, the decoration of many houses, the large number of bicycles, straw hats, people with bohemian spirit… small details. But, without a doubt where we can find a greater hippie atmosphere is in the markets that we find around the island. In addition to being able to buy some original crafts, going to the markets becomes one of the activities to do in Formentera in bad weather or rains, although fortunately this is not usual (at least in summer).

In the north of Formentera is an islet known as s’Espalmador. Although it is privately owned (in 2018 it was bought by a Belgian family for 18 million euros), it is protected territory due to its ecological importance. However, and always respecting the environment, nothing prevents you from enjoying its beaches.
I will not extend, you must live this experience personally, I can ensure that it didn’t leave you indifferent, in the positive sense.

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My name is Miquel, after many years of business dedication in other fields, I have decided to make a commitment with two clear objectives:

1 – To have a good time

2 – that people have a good time with me.

This decision has led me to do only what I can do, and avoid  nautical charters, very standardized with few space for a creativity. my most important premise is not to grow volume of clients or business, but to give the best personalized service, as I would like it to be given to me.

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From one-hour boat trips along the coast of Barcelona, ​​to a day’s excursions to Sitges, where besides taking a walk, you can taste a delicious paella, week end at costa Brava, or a unforgettable holidays in Balearic Island’s (Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera waits you). Also, you can propose your perfect departure. We can tailor the charter to suit your destination, needs and requirements.

In the sailing trip from the Olympic Port, you can enjoy a pleasant walk where you will have the spectacular views that Barcelona offers from the sea. Also, if it’s good, you can bathe and enjoy the sun. Drink´s and snacks included.

The Power boat excursion to Sitges, will last a maximum of 8 hours

We will leave in the morning and half way we will stop to enjoy the good weather and the cool water. Once in Sitges, we will have time to go to eat a delicious seafood paella (optional), to go for a walk and discover this beautiful town. In the afternoon, we will return to Barcelona at full speed sailing with our great sports boat.

In this experience, we will test what it feels like sailing in a speedboat for one hour at full speed. We will also have time to stop for a dip in a clear and crystalline waters and have a snack.

If what you are looking for is to celebrate a bachelorette party, an anniversary or any other type of celebration, do not forget to let us know. We will organize everything so that this event is something special. Music, cocktails and animation. Any of our boats will be perfect for that special day.

You will enjoy staying with this incredible feeling of happiness, giving rise to you want to repeat any other time, and significantly increasing the hobby to sail and enjoy the nautical experiences.
You can book your own private boat or book your shared sailboat ride and meet interesting people from all over the world. You don’t need to have sailing experience to join these rides.
We are open 365 days a year and work from the Olympic Port, in the heart of the city of Barcelona.
Please contact us if you do not find what you are looking for, as we offer a variety of nautical experiences and other water activities.

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